About us

I would like to tell you a little about our Shop and the services we offer. It is owned by Rick Parker, a former US Marine who served in Viet Nam. It was crucial that your weapon was accurate and dependable. So I would "tinker" to get the best accuracy. This carried over to hunting with my brother, Patrick Crawford. Then Pat began shooting matches in the Service Rifle category of Dept Civilian of Marksmanship, so accuracy was of extreme importance.

Pat and I hunted cow elk for the freezer in and around Cimarron, New Mexico for the last five or six years. My wife Carolyn came with me last year and she fell in love with this area as well. We began making retirement plans and Cimarron was the center of discussion. We came back on vacation and purchased a lot that we loved, but we were advised by the residents that we had better bring a job with us.

When I was retired three years earlier than expected, we just put a home, Gun Shop and storage building on our lot. It is truly a wonderful and beautiful village of Cimarron to live and work. The people are wonderful, and in the summer you get to meet new people every day. Between the 25,000 Boy Scouts that come to Philmont Scout Ranch, and the tourists in RV's and on Motorcycles. It's Great!

Pat and I have been striving for accuracy in the rifles we shoot and will not keep a rifle we can't to shoot accurately. Of course, it depends on the purpose of the rifle as to the degree of accuracy we demand. We are not machinists nor are we magicians. But we like to hit what we aim at!